The area was originally settled during the early 1800s when the Concord Methodist Church was organized in the region. Stockbridge is named after Levi Stockbridge, a traveling professor who passed through the area several times. Today, the city is known for its updated city hall. Plans for the new city hall included green spaces, a park, and new developments to help downtown businesses. In addition to the city hall, Stockbridge is filled with schools for residents. Most of the schools in the area are public schools. However, there are a few Christian schools and private learning options. Nearly half of the households in the city have households with young children who attend local schools.

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Located in Henry County, Georgia, Stockbridge is a popular destination for many homeowners. It is considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, and there are plenty of homes for sale. Residents are attracted to the price of the homes and its convenience to the city. Many Stockbridge homeowners have low mortgages and decent land, making it an appealing place for families and retired individuals. In addition, Stockbridge has homes available for sale in a variety of sizes.

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