While some real estate in Stow is among the most expensive in the state of Ohio, not all homes are that pricey, and there are many areas within the town that are affordable for individuals from all economic backgrounds. North and northeast of the downtown area, as well as the downtown itself, is where most of the less expensive homes are located, while more expensive real estate options can be found on the outer edges of Stow.

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With a population of over 35,000 people, Stow is a suburban community located near the top of the state of Ohio. Stow is surrounded by some larger and better-known cities, such as Hudson to the north, Tallmadge to the south, and Cuyahoga Falls to the west, but that doesn't mean that Stow gets lost in the shuffle. Stow was listed among the 50 safest cities in Ohio due to its low crime rate, active and involved police force, and its high rate of community involvement.

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