These older homes, many of which display classic craftsman details, are just part of Stroudsburg's quaint appeal. The town's small size prohibits it from being divided into neighborhoods, but there are several separate boroughs that compose the greater Stroudsburg area. East Stroudsburg, Arlington Heights, Hamilton Township, and Stroud Township are all surrounding boroughs. Stroudsburg, however, is the county seat. These areas share the Stroudsburg Area School District, which serves five elementary schools and four intermediate, middle and high schools.

If you dream of charming small-town squares with restaurants, shops and a historic courthouse, you just might fall in love with Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. This borough is home to a mere 5,500 people approximately, but there are plenty of beautiful homes to see. There are a select few new construction projects offering condos, but prospective buyers will mostly see affordably priced older houses.

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