In spite of the smaller number of people, there are nevertheless a wide range of employment opportunities available to the citizenry. Historically, Suffolk has been a center for peanut farming as well as railroad and highway transportation, and it remains so today. The Naval Network Warfare Command and the Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command are prominent government-associated institutions that have brought increased revenue and a great number of jobs to the city. The private sector also has a fairly significant presence, with Lockheed Martin, Walmart, Target and Lipton Tea being just a few. If you'll be bringing kids to live with you or you plan on having children in the future, there are nearly twenty options for public grade schooling in the city, within campuses of higher education such as the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy and the Paul D. Camp Community College also being nearby.

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If you are currently on the market for a new home and something in the vein of a calmer, less people-filled lifestyle sounds good to you, then you might want to consider looking into the city of Suffolk Virginia on the United States' east coast. At a massive 429 square miles, Suffolk is by far the largest city in terms of land in the entire state. On the flip side, however, the population density is only about 200 per square mile, meaning the relatively low home prices around $200,000 still net you a large amount of property.

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