Not only does Sunrise offer a lot of housing options, but there are also a lot of different pastimes around. Because of its proximity to Miami, there is always something going on nearby. In Sunrise itself, you can find something to do outdoors, see a show, go shopping or eat at a restaurant. You can join a community program to meet your new neighbors. You can hang out on the beach, go to a nature preserve, go golfing or just enjoy the city parks. In Sunrise, you don't have to just pick on thing and stick with it. You can switch it up from day to day. Sunrise, Florida, is a great place anyone with eclectic tastes. You can go kayaking one day and the next walk around the downtown shopping area. You can take your kids to the Barbie Dream House Experience or Strikers Family Sportscenter. In Sunrise, you never have to be bored.

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Sunrise, Florida, is part of the Miami metropolitan area. When you're looking for a home in Sunrise, you'll have a lot of options. You'll have to decide if you want a condo, townhome, apartment or single family home. You'll have to decide if you want a one bedroom or four. You'll have to even pick the style of home you want: Mediterranean, traditional ranch, mid-Century modern or Tudor. The choices are many, but that just means you have a lot of options.

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