Sylmar rings in at a population of 90,000. With a median income of $65,000, residents enjoy incomes 20 percent above the national average. Annual job growth sits at 2.4 percent, which is double the national average, with an estimated 10-year growth of 36.5 percent. Sylmar employment opportunities currently outnumber applicants by several thousand. Fourteen public and eight private schools lie within Sylmar, offering a competitive learning environment and diverse options for sports and other extracurricular activities. The Los Angeles Mission College, a part of the Los Angeles community college district, offers a variety of degrees and is ranked in several publications as one of the best education experiences for its cost. Being in the greater LA metro area, world-class colleges like Caltech and UCLA are an easy commute.

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Sylmar, CA, sits 25 miles north of Los Angeles. This suburb is filled with many single-family houses in great neighborhoods. Apartments and condos are also available to rent or buy in one of the most diverse populations in the country. Measuring 12 square miles, Sylmar is accessible by foot, car and public transportation alike. Nestled right in the base of Kagel Canyon, beautiful and expansive views are in large supply.

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