Located just south of in the agricultural south central valley of California, Tehachapi has a fascinating history of the arts and culture and diverse community life. Due to its raised elevation, Tehachapi enjoys all four seasons, clear air, and access to outdoor adventures. People from the hotter desert valleys surrounding it visit Tehachapi for its festivals, apple orchards and rodeos. The annual 4th of July Hotdog Festival draws crowds with its games, parade, and local musicians. Residents of Tehachapi enjoy numerous parks, an activity center and water recreation with a pool and lake. Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy fishing at the Brite Lake aquatic area or visiting the star parties hosted by the local Astronomy Club.

Tehachapi, California, has a variety of homes for sale to suit every taste and budget. In the hills and forests of Bear Valley Springs, for instance, you find luxurious cabins that embrace the mountainous region's wooded seclusion and vast ranch homes with equestrian facilities priced at over $500,000. In town, there are more modest homes, though still sizeable with four bedrooms priced in the $250,000 range.

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