Terre Haute is known for its culture. There are many performing arts centers, art museums and history museums. The Holocaust museum is dedicated to teaching both children and adults the effects that hatred and prejudice can have on a society. The museum has lessons in the afternoon to teach empathy, family values, perseverance and forgiveness. You can also find other great museums such as the Terre Haute Children's Museum, the Native American Museum and more. The Pioneer Village is a great hands-on museum in a park-like setting. You can even stay the weekend in a campground and feel like one of the original pioneers who went through the crossroads.

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If you want to live in a beautiful city with a lot of history, Terre Haute, Indiana is a top choice. Terre Haute is literally the crossroads of America, and you'll find that motto on signs around town. Early immigrants used Terre Haute as an intersection to go north or south on US-41 or east or west on US-40. The city is full of urban bustle with more than 61,000 residents. The median home value is $75,000, and the median income of the residents is $30,000; therefore, you don't need to earn a high income to find a home.

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