Geographically speaking, Twinsburg is located nearly halfway between Cleveland and Akron. The proximity to these cities makes this relatively small town all the more appealing. The history of Twinsburg began in the early 1800s, when a pair of identical twins purchased nearly four thousand acres of land in the area and slowly began to attract other settlers. What was then known as Millsville became Twinsburg because of the money that the two brothers put in to establishing a town square and education program. Since then, the town has continued to thrive. Perhaps one of the strongest features of Twinsburg is its community. Features of the town include a variety of athletic leagues, community centers, dog parks, golf courses, fitness center, parks and hiking trails, a senior center, and a water park. All of these things contribute to the overall enriching lifestyle that Twinsburg can offer.

Ohio has been mentioned lately as a wonderful place for young families to start their lives and at the forefront of that is one of its most charming towns, Twinsburg. Not only is the town affordable, but it also has an exceptional education system and is full of attractive and welcoming neighborhoods. Young families can thrive here because of this trifecta of affordable housing, great schools, and friendly neighborhoods.

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