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Whether you prefer city living or the peace of a rural community, Utah has the perfect home for you. A smart way to cut the costs of a home purchase is to look for foreclosed homes, which are available in a variety of great locations. From one-bedroom condos to expansive mansions, foreclosures can be obtained for a fraction of their market value.

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With some of the most beautiful national parks in the country, Utah is a great state to explore. Caves, forests, mountains, and unique rock formations offer opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. Whether you enjoy a leisurely walk or extreme mountain biking, Utah's parks offer a variety of options for everyone. Boasting optimal snow conditions and luxurious amenities, Utah's mountain resorts are a perennial winter destination, attracting skiers of all levels, including athletes training for Winter Olympics events. Its lakes offer gorgeous scenery, as well as opportunities for boating, hiking, and fishing. Home to prestigious film festivals, such as Sundance in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Ogden, Utah also features a flourishing theater, music, and arts scene.