Tucked comfortably along the Mohawk River near the base of the towering Adirondacks, the city of Utica effectively combines modern convenience with natural beauty and character. West Utica, which is commonly referred to simply as the "West Side," offers a melting pot of residents, many of who historically hail from Polish, German and Irish descent. Visitors to East Utica, or the "East Side," will notice that a heavily Italian influence is apparent the area, while Utica's Corn Hill neighborhood has long been a hotspot for Jewish culture and residency. Cultures continue to collide throughout Utica's Triangle neighborhood, which also historically boasts a large Jewish population, and a notable African-American presence has also come to permeate the area over the years.

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Utica, New York, and the greater Mohawk Valley area have much to offer today's discerning homebuyer. Boasting a flourishing real estate market with a broad variety of options for single-family homes as well as condos and townhouses, there's something in this region designed to fit every family size, budget and stylistic preference.

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