There are a few neighborhoods in the city that are known as the safest, such as Bucktown, Ferry Road and Alamo Drive. Although these neighborhoods have relatively low crime rates, there is not much crime happening in the city as a whole either. The cost of living in Vacaville is slightly cheaper than the cost of living in the state of California. The summers are warm and the winters are just right, with the average temperature falling at about 50 degrees. It is not hard to find plenty of local amenities, such as libraries, convenience stores, fitness centers and malls. While public transit is an option, residents may choose to walk because they live close to several of the amenities.

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Located within a short distance of Sacramento, Vacaville has a population of just under 100,000 residents. The homes are priced nearly 25% lower than some of the properties in other parts of California, including Los Angeles. Despite the lower price range, there are still plenty of beautiful properties to choose from, some of which have been newly constructed and are more modern. Properties in the city tend to come with at least three or four bedrooms, garages and front lawns.

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