Nicknamed the Azalea City for its large numbers of the beautiful plant, Valdosta was named one of the "Best Small Places for Business and Careers" by Forbes in 2010. In 2003, Valdosta was named one of the "Top 100 U.S. Small Towns" by Site Selection magazine. Valdosta has 20 constituent neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics. The areas of Bemiss Road, Skipper Bridge Road, Mellow Drive/Lamplighter Road, and East Hill Avenue in the north end of town have more military families than most neighborhoods in the United States. These neighborhoods have predominantly owner-occupied, medium-sized, single-family homes built in the late 20th century. East Hill is the exception; it has more newer homes than older ones, many built after 2000 and larger than those found in the other neighborhoods. At an average price of $136,000.00, they are also more expensive than those in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Valdosta, Georgia, is located in south-central Georgia, about 15 miles from the Florida border. The metropolitan area of Valdosta has a population of 140,000. It has numerous manufacturing industries, including turpentine, pulpwood, lumber, and tobacco. It also has a large college population and a military base, making it an interesting, diverse city. Many of the homes in Valdosta are medium-sized, single-family residences. It also has some larger, newer homes and some apartments. Valdosta is a solidly middle-class city, home to young singles, retirees, and those looking to raise a family.

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