Valencia, CA is located in the northwestern part of the Santa Clarita Valley in Los Angeles County. In the 1980s it merged with four other communities to become part of the city of Santa Clarita. Valencia has a large network of trails that make walking or biking from one area to another safe and fun. Paved pathways called paseos have grade separations under and over busy streets. In fact, there are more than 30 miles of interconnected trails and pathways in Valencia alone. The City of Santa Clarita has developed a huge system of trails with numerous trailheads and parking areas and around 70 miles of trails and 20 miles of paseos, including a regional river trail. In this well-thought out and convenient way, residents can shop, commute to work and recreate.

Valencia, CA was built as an upscale planned community. It has four distinct villages, each with a different feel and containing new homes and townhomes in different price ranges. The villages are West Creek, gated West Hills, River Village with its small town feel and Mediterranean-inspired Villa Metro. The median home price is $444,000, and median income for the town's 50,000 residents is $86,000.

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