Although Villa Rica enjoys a tiny population density, it is only 33 miles from Atlanta. This half hour drive brings every necessity and amenity of the big city well within reach without subjecting you to the daily hassles. Residents do well with a median income of $53,360. The pedestrian friendly town is full of space, with high quality housing to spare. A development boom led to a rate of one house to every four residents. This saturation drops prices for buyers, making it an abnormally attractive market for anyone looking to find their dream home. Best of all, the small size of the city puts every house in range of all of Villa Rica's competitive schools.

Villa Rica, GA, is the height of rural living. Homes are on lots with land to spare. Lots usually measure in acres rather than fractions of one. Few apartments or condos dot the streets. Instead, families and individuals find spacious roofs over their heads. Crowded streets and neighborhoods are unimaginable in this easy going town.

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