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The mountainous landscape of Virginia has the ability to draw quite a few homeowners to its numerous cities and suburbs. Instead of buying new, consider an option that could leave you with a little extra room in your budget: foreclosures. From apartments and condos to one- and two-story single family homes, you have plenty to choose from throughout the state.

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From the mountains in the west to the coast in the east, Virginia is full of things for single professionals and families alike to do. A popular destination and bustling city, Virginia Beach offers luxurious days on the sand and opportunities to learn at nearby educational centers, such as the Virginia Aquarium. In the middle of the state, you'll find much to do in Richmond, including visiting its numerous historical sites. The capitol building, the Virginia Holocaust Museum, and the White House and Museum of the Confederacy are just a few delights in the area. The James River provides some amusement to residents, too, who enjoy river walking, tubing or snorkeling. On the western side of the state, you can find plenty of natural mountain scenery for hiking and hunting.