One of the main draws of Visalia is its proximity to the majestic and tall Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the nearest city to the famous Sequoia National Park, where the gargantuan Giant Sequoia trees tower over all other living things. This Gateway to the Sequoias has also been called "Where the Valley Meets the Giants". Residents and visitors have access not just to the Sequoia National Park in their backyards but also to Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon. Active people can find plenty of beautiful and unique natural places to camp, bike, hike, swim, whitewater raft and ride horses, with each season bringing distinct sights and activities.

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Visalia, CA is the oldest enduring inland settlement between LA and Stockton. It is the economic center for the San Joaquin Valley. 129,000 residents call Visalia home. Located in Tulare County, Visalia has the amenities of big cities while still achieving the feel of a smaller, neighborly community. This year has shown a positive rebound in Visalia home sales, and the real estate market is steadily gaining steam.

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