Waldorf, Maryland, was first settled in the late 19th century as a predominant farming community. Its main crop was tobacco, through which its economy boomed for generations. Many of these farms exist today in the surrounding areas, but have since switched their focus to produce, dairy, and livestock. Local farmers markets are prevalent and provide the residents of Waldorf, Maryland, with fresh, regionally grown foods as well as handmade goods of all kinds; but don't let this fool you - Waldorf is not without its luxuries! An influx of stores and shopping centers in the 1980s drew residents from nearby Washington, DC, Virginia, and other Maryland cities to this area, transforming Charles County into the shopping capital of southern Maryland. Its close proximity to many highly populated neighboring communities makes Waldorf a relaxing yet exciting place to call home.

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Located just a short drive from Washington, DC, and only a few miles from both the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, is Waldorf, Maryland. This small bedroom community is home to less than 70,000 residents, making it a relaxed, close-knit, and charming town. As a relatively young municipality in the eastern United States, Waldorf offers a wide range of modern homes and architecture, though many older houses - built with the local oak and pine trees from its surrounding forests - are still occupied today.

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