The location of Walnut Creek was originally inhabited by three bands of Native Americans in the region, and it was later located on the site of Mexican land grants. The town was named for the large presence of a native strand of walnut trees, and it took this name officially in 1862 with the establishment of a post office. The city experienced substantial growth after 1891 with the Southern Pacific Railroad's arrival. The city experienced even greater growth during the 50s when the Broadway Shopping Center was built, and residents continue to shop at the location.

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Located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, Walnut Creek, California is thriving city with a population of 65,211. It has been consistently rated as one the wealthiest cities in the nation ranked 20th out of cities with a population higher than 50,000 and 83rd out of cities with a population over 40,000. While a large portion of housing in the city is single-family homes, there are also a reasonable percentage of other housing options including a significant percentage of high-rise apartments and condos.

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