Located in Kent County, the city actor James Woods calls home is simultaneously rich in history - several major events in the American Revolution occurred here - and altogether a city of today. One leg of a short road trip could take you to visit the storied streets of historic Pawtuxet Village, an important site of one of the precipitating events of the Revolutionary War, while the next leg could return you to the energetic hustle and bustle of the quest for the perfect deal at one of Warwick's high-end shopping centers - the largest in the state. Another short drive puts the sand of South County's beaches between your toes. The variety of experience is one of the most surprising benefits of life in Warwick.

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At 10 minutes from Providence, 30 from the beach, and only one hour from Boston, Warwick couldn't be better situated for those who want to be close to it all while preserving a sense of private solace. Sporting 39 miles of gorgeous New England coastline and 30 distinctive villages with their own unique histories and charms, Warwick is a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle that still manages to meet residents' needs for excitement and modern convenience.

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