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In the northwestern part of the country lies the luscious, green state of Washington. It provides a great opportunity for employment and relaxing mountain living, and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of foreclosures. From Yakima County to Adams County, you can find condos, apartments, luxury-style, and single family foreclosures to suit your work and family's needs.

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As a coastal state with temperate rainforests and mountains, Washington provides varied recreation opportunities. On the Pacific coast lies the Long Beach peninsula, a 28-mile stretch of beach with plenty of white sand. Children and adults alike can spend a day swimming, flying kits or even taking a horseback or bicycle trip along the sand. In the middle of the state, you can experience the hiking or mountain biking adventures in Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. Liberty Lake provides residents with the chance to camp or hike along the water or on its numerous trails. For those interested in what big-city life can bring them, turn to Seattle or Spokane for community and art events and plenty of shopping, attractions and night life. During the coldest months, ice fishing is a popular sport for many.