Waukesha is the seat of the county that shares its name, and is the 7th largest city in Wisconsin. Straddling the picturesque waters of the Fox River and boasting nearly 1100 acres of publically managed land, Waukesha creates an environment in which nature and its rewards take center stage. The city emerged from the untamed wilderness of colonial America, growing from a sparsely populated collection of rough settlements into a logging town and further into a manufacturing hub. Waukesha gained widespread notoriety thanks to the rumored healing powers of local springs, earning the city its nicknames, "Spring City" and "Saratoga of the West." While those days have faded into the mists of the past, echoes of the stories that made the city are ever present - a source of interest and pride for residents.

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A scant 18 miles away from Milwaukee, Waukesha offers urban amenities at a relaxed pace, making it a premier choice for professionals looking to unwind after long days in the bigger cities. In Waukesha, history lives alongside the present day, reflected in the windows of classic homes that have stood for more than a century and the sleek, modern condos growing up nearby. Woven into the city's fabric is an abiding love of music, with street performances, orchestras, and music-themed festivals liberally peppering the calendar.

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