Wayne was formed as a township in 1847, giving it a rich American history to look fondly back upon. The Dey Mansion, which can be found on Totowa Road, is a historic and architecturally-Georgian mansion constructed in the mid-1700s which now serves as a site of immense interest for history buffs and residents alike. Unincorporated communities serving as part of Wayne include Barbours Mills, Barbours Pond, Hope Dell, Lower Preakness, Mountain View, Pompton Falls, and several more. Wayne is home to a variety of lakes which each include their own distinct community and neighborhood huddling along their sandy shores. These lakes are known as Packanack Lake, Pines Lake, Lions Head Lake, Tom's Lake, and Pompton Lake. Furthermore, the Passaic River flows through parts of Wayne.

New Jersey's township, Wayne, is located in Passaic County, only 20 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. The comfortable town boasts spacious homes with sprawling lawns and elegant architecture, most of which have relatively high price tags. Wayne has seen a growth in population since the 1990s, with its current citizen count at around 54,000 people. Its charming neighborhoods are home to both older homes and newer, nestled together in the confines of the well-maintained township.

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