Houses in Wellington have mostly in common a crisp, regal touch and a clean design ideal for weathering the tropical elements and for being aesthetically pleasing. Wellington, it is interesting to note, was originally on land called the Flying Cow Ranch which featured the world's largest strawberry patch. It began as a planned unit development in 1972 and was initially a slowly moving bedroom community. After its incorporation in 1995, the city has become a bustling center of entertainment and commerce and is now known as the international center for equestrian sports. Wellington hosts the Winter Equestrian Festival as well as more than forty weeks of equestrian competitions annually. The town holds what is the world's largest and longest running horse show for three months every year, and hosts polo matches including the USPA Piaget Gold Cup and the Nespresso U.S. Polo Open.

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Wellington, Florida is a city located in Palm Beach County with an estimated population of almost 62,000 people. It is the fifth largest municipality in Palm Beach County, and was named by Money Magazine in 2010 as being one of the top 100 best places to live. While Wellington is by no means an actual "village" by a standard definition, it is officially referred to as the "Village of Wellington." Properties of immense beauty reside in Wellington, typically containing swaying palm trees and elegantly smooth building structures.

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