This Hamilton County city is smack dab in the middle of Indiana, with easy access to Indianapolis and the metropolitan area. The local government is accessible, friendly, and involved, a fact exemplified by the mayor's blog which he regularly updates with events and news about the town. As a city founded early on by Quakers, the town of Westfield takes joy in its all American values of safety, activity, and local commerce. Involved neighborhood associations and citizen committees are just two of the ways that Westfield has made a name for itself as the 5th best place to live in the Midwest.

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A haven of elegantly constructed, Victorian inspired homes as well as newly designed multi-story houses and bungalows, Westfield, Indiana, has a selection of homes and home buying opportunities that serve to meet your every need. Voted one of the top 50 "Best Places to Live" by CNN, Westfield stands up to the test. As a quintessentially American small town located in the heart of Indiana, Westfield should not be ignored by those looking for peaceful, active living and safe, shady streets.

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