One of the most obvious things about the city of Westminster, and something the community really takes pride in, is its open spaces. The trails and natural zones that stretch through the area are highlighted by the Big Dry Creek Trail, which extends from Standley Lake Regional Park at the west end, all the way to the city's eastern boundary. A project in 2015 has added about 14 miles of new trails, making it even easier to stay active by providing lots of options to bike or walk to your destinations. If you want to go shopping or just enjoy a walk in the town, Westminster Promenade is the perfect place to be. Considered the gathering place for the North Metro community, the Promenade is full of businesses, restaurants, and other entertainment, and is often the site of special events and performances.

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The beautiful city of Westminster, CO, is centrally located in the state as a northern suburb of Denver. It was ranked as one of the top 25 best places to live by Money magazine in 2006. The living accommodations available here range from affordable startups and apartment rentals to some really illustrious and sizeable properties. Many of the residential areas are situated around parks, golf courses, and open spaces, giving Westminster an open, natural setting that contrasts with the crowded buildings of the downtown metropolitan area nearby.

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