As a newly established city, Weston's history is fairly short. However, the city has already received substantial recognition in the media. CNN's Money magazine has consistently listed Weston on their list of 'Biggest Earners,' and they were ranked number 19 in the 2010 issue, based on the city's median family income of $119, 689. It was also recognized as the top location for job growth and was ranked 18th in the nation. Money magazine has repeatedly recognized the area as one of the best places to live in the United States, and it was most recently ranked at 62nd, placing it above any other location in the state of Florida. Finally in 2015, Family Circle listed Weston as one of the Ten Best Towns for Families.

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Located in Broward County, Weston, Florida is a relatively new city, officially recognized in 1996. A large portion of the city was built by Arvida and JMB Realty. The entire west side stretch of the city borders the Everglades, and the community is the most western in the county. As of the 2010 census, there was a total population of 65,333. The Weston housing market is most largely comprised of single-family homes; however, there is a substantial percentage of modern high-rise condo and apartment complexes.

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