There are few cities that hold as many honors as the town of Wheaton does. The residents value a conservative, family-friendly life and embrace religion. In fact, the game Trivial Pursuit claims that it is the town with the most churches per capita in the entire country, hosting places of worship for more than forty different religions. The city has also received several awards from the National Recreation and Park Association for the 52 parks which dot the city. This type of environment is exactly what attracts residents to the town. CNNMoney placed Wheaton as one of the "Top 25 Highest Earning Towns" in the country, reporting a median income of over $110,000 per family. Even the public library, which circulates over 1.3 million books, has been ranked as one of the ten best libraries in the country.

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There are times in life when the old adage, "You get what you pay for," is absolutely true, and buying a home in Wheaton, Illinois, is one of them. While you may end up paying a little more for your house than you would in other parts of the country, the quality of life you'll gain will be far worth the money. The benefits of living in one of the nicest towns in the state are what continue to attract homebuyers to the area year after year.

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