Residents in White Plains are generally college graduates and middle-aged, married homeowners. Install a picket fence around your new traditionally constructed home, pull into the driveway with your rugged SUV or sedan, and you'll have achieved American dream perfection. If you're moving to White Plains and are looking to work close to home, many prospective employment opportunities are available, such as administrative, executive, sales, business or finance positions. As in other parts of metropolitan New York, many residents commute using public transportation. Unemployment in this city of about 60,000 residents is approximately 2 percent below the national average. Summer weather is a balmy 83 degrees on average, contrasted with a winter that can see temperatures drop to the mid-20s.

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White Plains, NY Those who fancy the medieval Tudor-style home will find this quaint English flair in White Plains, New York. Homes built in colonial style are also popular as well as traditional construction for a simple, cozy design preference. Many newly constructed homes in the area have been built with colonial exteriors but boast lavishly contemporary interiors. This allows homeowners to add dimension and variety to their living spaces by only disclosing the designer flair of their homes to invited guests.

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