Founded as a settlement in 1632, Williamsburg served as Virginia's center of politics leading up to the American Revolution. It is home of the second-oldest institute of higher education in the United States, The College of William and Mary. It is one of nine colonial universities in the south; its alumni include three Presidents and other important figures. The restored historic area of the city, known as Colonial Williamsburg, attracts more than four million tourists each year. It is continuously being updated to appeal to new demographics and to portray better information about the African-American experience. Back in the modern side of Williamsburg, students and staff of The College of William and Mary make up a large percentage of the college town's population. Though much of the city is comprised of young adults, there are nearly 2,000 families living in Williamsburg. Many people also choose to relocate to this beautiful city when they retire.

Williamsburg, Virginia, is a unique hybrid between a college town and a historic settlement. Composed of primarily single-family homes, the neighborhoods in the city have southern class and impressive aesthetics. Houses here range from charming condos to sprawling mansions. Regardless of budget or style, you can find a home in Williamsburg to fit your desires.

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