First established as a mill town in 1832, Wyoming was one of the first settlements in Kent County. Over the following decades, the city grew slowly, but steadily, and in the 1960s, the community completed a number of new developments including the 28th Street Project, which included the creation of an indoor mall, one of the first in the country. Today, there are ten prominent industries, which contribute to the city's economy. The top three employment industries include manufacturing, retail and health, followed closely by education, social services, transportation, warehousing and utilities. Wyoming's manufacturing industry is the biggest in the Western portion of the state, and it puts out a number of products including plastics, electronics, food, industrial machinery, auto parts, fire engines and concrete supplies. As such, there are a number of opportunities in manufacturing for residents.

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Located in Kent County, Michigan, Wyoming is West Michigan's 3rd biggest city and it is the state's 14th largest. Highway 131 and Interstate 196 provide easy access to the community, and it has experienced steady population growth according to every census since 1890. As of the 2010 census, the population was 72,125. A large percentage of the population is married couples and families, and there are a number of neighborhoods that provide single-family homes.

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