The center of Yonkers is home to Getty Square, a large Colonial-era plaza that today functions as a governmental hub. City services such as the Yonkers Public Library can be found there, as can the larger local businesses and non-profits. The area surrounding Getty Square is the major retail hub of the city, and even lures residents of the Bronx, located just south of the Yonkers city limits. One of the more unique attractions in Yonkers is the Yonkers Raceway and Empire City, a harness racing track with legal video poker machines. Together, these allow for a small measure of legal gambling within city limits. Yonkers is also home to several museums that document the city's colonial past, including the Hudson River Museum.

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Yonkers, NY is uniquely positioned to allow residents easy access to one of the most important cities in the United States without the over the top rents and constant hustle that comes from living in New York City proper. However, Yonkers is far from just a bedroom community of New York City. As the fourth largest city in New York, it has plenty to offer homeowners, even those who rarely venture in to the big city proper. Bordered by the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean, Yonkers has plenty of waterfront properties and even more homes with views of the water.

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