The city of Yuma is home to about 93,000 people while the metropolitan area is home to about 203,000. Yuma is located near the Colorado River, and historically has been known as a great place to cross the river due to the fact that the river is narrow there. This nature fact is important throughout the entire history of this city, and Yuma is steeped in history. You can take in some of the history by going to the heritage museum, walking around the beautiful downtown area, visiting the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park or stopping by one of the many other museums. The city of Yuma recognizes the importance of its history, and does what it can to preserve it. The preservation of the downtown area is a big reminder of that. In recent years, the downtown theater has been restored to be a centerpiece of the Yuma art scene.

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Yuma, Arizona, is located in the southwestern corner of the state. It is just 10 miles to the nearest port of entry into Mexico. When you go to Yuma, you will be blown away by the scenery. Because it is in the desert, many of the houses are Santa Fe style, but you can also find some mid-Century modern and a few other styles as well. In Yuma, most houses have some sort of fence around the yard and desert landscaping.

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