I am 28 years old just got a masters and recently engaged. Looking for a rent to own option if I cannot prequalify. Lake in hill area. Any help?

I am looking for a rend to own if I cannot prequalify for a loan. I am looking for some help if anyone is interested.
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Adam, just contact a Realtor in your local area, inform them of your situation, and they will be happy to assist you. Good Luck!
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Dear Adam, thank you for your question. Congratulation on your masters and engagement. If you do not have an agent try to contact local Realtor. Talk to your local real estate broker that could you give you more info about available properties in your area and also info re rent to option to buy. It is also good to talk to mortgage broker to be ready to put an offer when you find the propery. If you need help in find one send me an e-mail. Good luck with your search. TV
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Congratulations!! Lots of good things going on in your life - how exciting! I would be happy to help you with your purchase/rent to own. It's important to find the right seller for this complex transaction as well as the right lender who can help you stay on track to buy by the end of the option term. I have wonderful resources to help. As a resident of Lake in the Hills since 2003 I'd love to share all the reasons I love living here. Please give me a call or check out my website or read my blog. Can't wait to get you moving!! Ivette
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