Should we remove our standing/full height freezer, lawn mover & snowblower from our two-car garage before showing our house?

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answer by Mark Patush    |   Visit My Website   |   Contact Me
Perception and perspective are everything to a buyer. That is why we "Stage" a home - And, yes a garage. If these items look in place and are not cluttering up the space - leave them. Having objects in a room "purpose" that room and show a sense of space to that area. If, on the other hand, these objects are in disrepair or taking up an inordinate amount of space it would be better to be rid of them. Items that look well worn or broken relay a negative connotation that may follow through the home. Also, clutter makes rooms appear smaller, disorganized and again this perceptioin may follow the buyer throughout the home. Perspective and perception are key. That being said, we get used to our own messes and may not have the objectivity to spot these subtleties. Ask your local Real Estate professional to view and make specific recommendations. After all, we are hear to help.
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answer by Dana Allen    |   Contact Me
I think you should remove these items for the following reasons: #1 It is always best to de-clutter and clean both home and garage when selling. #2 Especially if the home is vacant, when these items are left in the garage the buyer may think that it would be OK to include them as personal property in the sales contract. With that being said, if they are neatly placed and clean AND you don't mind including them with the sale of the home, then you can leave them.
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