2 condos, same complex, same sq feet. spacious 1BR, 1BA vs a cramped 2BR, 2 BA. 2BR is priced about 15% higher. Which is better value?

The 1BR will need a little less fix up. I am single, do not have a lot of overnight guests. So I'm thinking I will enjoy the spaciousness of the 1BR. But I move often, and my guess is that the 2BR will have higher/faster resale?
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At the end of the day the appraisal is based on like properties. It depends on the history of the sales and the information that can be found from the sales history. This shows what a ready willing and able buyer has been paying a ready willing and able seller. If you need assistance determining value a local Realtor can assist. If you do not already have a Realtor I can refer a RE/MAX Agent in your area to assist in a valuation.
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answer by Ed McKeown    |   Visit My Website   |   Contact Me
I agree 2 bedrooms are faster and easier to sell although you must determine which suits you better. 15% higher seems low and I do not know your area at all. If the extra space is ok and the 2 bed is below market value I would always give more consideration to that. Some areas have a higher single population and a 1 bed and bath sells just as quick.
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