Pending buyers of my occupied home are asking to to see house again (3rd time) causing me to clean, then vacate. Realtor says it's normal. Is it?

A local, very successful realtor gave an offer on my home the second day it was on the market (in her husband's name). I accepted the offer based on my realtor's advice, although it was $10,000 below the asking price. Everything is finalized w the exception of the appraisal which is in a few days and I know there won't be a problem w that. Our closing date is less than three weeks away. However, the buyer has asked to come Inside the house again on 2 different occasions. She gives a 24 hour notice, but I am required to make the home "show ready" and vacate, just as I did when it was being shown. The house is pretty clean, but not picture perfect, as I am preparing to move. A few days ago, she was in the house for an hour and a half. My realtor seems in awe of her for some reason, and says this is a normal procedure. She is coming again tomorrow for the third time in two weeks. I feel inconvenienced, not only because I am having to leave, but because it requires a lot of work and preparation and causes me to rearrange my entire day. I have questioned my realtor about this, but she implies I am not being reasonable, minimizes my complaints and assures me it is a common occurrence. I am not sure if she is being overly accommodating to the buyer (she can't say enough god things about her) or if this really is just normal procedure that I should continue to go along with. Opinions? Thank you
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Three times seems excessive to me. I would not say it was common for a 3rd visit, until the walk-through on the day before/day of closing.
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