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People who live in the mainland of the United States only dream about living in Hawaii. It has warm beaches and the most amazing scenery. Hawaii is well-known for being both tropical and expensive. However, you can find apartments for a decent price anywhere around the island. Apartments have a large range of $1,000 to $6,000 per month. It depends on which island you live on, how close it is to the water, and the size and amenities. Hawaii has many smaller apartments compared to other locations around the country, but with weather like that, you'd never be home anyway.

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Hawaii Cities

Hawaii only consists of five counties: Hawaii County, Maui County, Honolulu County, Kauai County, and Kalawao County. If you want to raise your family in Hawaii, the town of Mililani in Honolulu County might be your best bet. It's in the outskirts of Honolulu, away from all of the traffic and big city life. The town offers some of the lowest crime rates and best schools in the state, plus the housing is more affordable than in many other areas. Over in Maui County, Wailuku offers another amazing place to live. It offers short commute times, plenty of outdoor activities, and a booming economy. Whether you want to raise kids or just spend time with friends, it's a great place to live. If you were born with artistic nature, Kailua Kona might be just the place for you. It's home is in Hawaii County, right on the big island, and used to be home to Hawaiian royalty. It has an ever-growing art scene and some of the best ocean views.

Hawaii Counties