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With lush green landscapes, South Carolina is a southern gem with a wide variety of real estate options for renters. On the eastern edge of the city, the state has a host of beautiful coastal apartments, condos and homes with glamorous views and modern design. The central and northwestern regions of the state have larger three and four bedroom homes and apartments with traditional designs and spacious rooms.

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South Carolina has abundant access to beautiful natural resources and a modern capital city with appeal. Georgetown and Florence Counties are located next to the Atlantic Ocean with scenic beaches and marshlands perfect for avoiding the crowds. South Carolina is home to its own segment of the Blue Ridge Mountains in its northern counties, which continue to North Carolina and Georgia. These amazing and beautiful natural locations have been celebrated in song in art. For those that enjoy whitewater rafting, they can access the exciting sport via many of the southwestern counties of South Carolina that border the renowned Chattooga River. Columbia, located in Richland County, is the capital of South Carolina and hosts a large population with great access to abundant shopping and other business resources.