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Phil Bradbury

Can I buy the property without driving hundreds of miles to do it?

Last Answered by Phil Bradbury   |   In Foreclosures  |   Glasgow, KY   |  16 months ago  |   Report
10 answers Answer this question Asked by mike montgomery
John Vincent

What do I need to do from start to finish to purchase a foreclosed haome.

Last Answered by John Vincent   |   In Foreclosures  |   Louisville, KY   |  22 months ago  |   Report
8 answers Answer this question Asked by Richard Reyer
Bill L

I am interested in a Foreclosed home in Slaughters Ky u have posted on you...

Last Answered by Bill L   |   In Foreclosures  |   Slaughters, KY   |  29 months ago  |   Report
2 answers Answer this question Asked by piercefield amanda
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