Questions & Answers Community Guidelines

What is the Questions & Answers Community?

The Questions & Answers Community is designed to promote interaction between home seekers and real estate professionals on real estate related topics. Visitors to are encouraged to ask questions pertaining to real estate and assign an appropriate category for the question. Real estate professionals then have the option of answering any question that he/she may choose. Additionally, real estate professionals may opt to be contacted by via email when questions have been asked in their local specified areas.

How to begin...

To begin participation in the Questions & Answers Community, you must create a MyHomes account. When creating a MyHomes profile, please select the appropriate type of profile – homebuyer/seller, renter or real estate agent. Choosing the correct profile will help you receive the best results from your interaction on

Rules for creating a MyHomes Account...

  • »Accounts must be created by a person. In order to make a post, you must create or sign into your MyHomes account. When creating your account, you must include your first and last name; please refrain from using nicknames. Additionally, email addresses and URLs will not be accepted in the first and last name fields.
  • »All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Please make sure to include the required information.
  • » also includes additional questions during the sign up process for consumer related MyHomes accounts. These questions are asked in order to improve your home searching experience; however, these questions are not required.

Rules for making a post...

  • »Private information. Please refrain from including private information in your posts. Private information includes phone numbers, social security numbers, etc… The Questions & Answers Community is designed to promote interaction on in a simple question and answer format. Please refrain from continued self-promotion. This also includes posting private information for other individuals within a post.
  • »Category selection. In order to receive the best possible answer, please select the category that best fits your question. Categories are a required field when making a post.
  • »Question versus Details fields. The question field is limited to 150 total characters. Additional details for your question should be included in the details field located below the questions field. Please be sure to check your question to ensure that it has not been cut off.
  • »Updates. also provides posters the option to be contacted when his/her question has been answered.

Rules for interacting with others...

  • » Violent behavior. Users will not be permitted to threaten, harass or bully other users of the site. This includes name-calling and profanity.
  • » Impersonation. does not allow the impersonation of others or support information that is intended to be misleading.
  • »Advertising. Posts that include advertising links, images and/or content will not be accepted.
  • »Multiple accounts. requires participants in the Questions & Answers community to use their own account. Any use of multiple accounts for the purpose of fraudulent or deceptive behavior is prohibited.
  • »Reporting Abuse. Please be sure to flag any inappropriate posts by clicking on the "Report" link that is displayed by each post.

Posts that will not be accepted include...

  • »Spam. Posts that are considered spam include: promotional, commercial and/or adult content. Multiple posts of the same content, links or URLs that are unrelated to the topic of the question and the transmission of viruses of any kind are also considered spam.
  • »Explicit material. Posts that include adult content and/or drive traffic to adult related sites will not be permitted.
  • »Copyright. will respond to blatant misuse of copyright infringement. Please flag any copyright material by clicking on the "Report" link next to each individual post.

Terms of Agreement...

By posting in the Questions & Answers Community, you agree to accept and abide by the aforementioned rules. Any misuse of these rules will result in the removal of your posts and/or your MyHomes account. promotes a safe and friendly environment in the Questions & Answers community. If you see any misuse or abuse of the community, please click the "Report" link located next to each individual post.

Please read's Questions & Answers Community Guidelines.