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Located in Davidson County, Antioch, Tennessee, offers affordable housing to its residents. Antioch’s cost of living is about 12 percent lower than the rest of the country. The community was once made up mostly of apartment complexes, mobile homes, and other affordable housing, but now offers an abundance of larger, single-family homes. As the city itself continues to see growth, the housing market also continues to grow while maintaining the affordability (the median home price is $128,000) that makes living there so attractive.

Antioch is part of the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro metro area. Once a small farming community, this city has been growing since the 1970s, with housing being built on former farmland. A large mall and multiple shopping centers provide the people of Antioch plenty of options when it comes to dining and shopping, and large-scale homebuilders have constructed an abundance of subdivisions. The community’s approximately 79,900 people experience an average commute of around 26 minutes, which is right around the national average. There are plenty of great public schools in the area, and there are even some private schools. Positive job growth, along with affordable living options, make the city a great option for those who want to live in the Nashville area without having to pay what it costs to live in the big city.

Known for its legendary music, hunting, fishing and great BBQ, the Nashville metropolitan area, which includes Antioch, is ranked America’s number one "manliest city." However, there’s much more in the area than great dining and music. The Tennessee Titans are the first NFL team in the state, giving sports fans a great opportunity to experience everything the NFL has to offer. Vanderbilt University, Fisk University and a large variety of other smaller schools add to the area’s higher education opportunities. The area has an economic base that includes government, banking, the insurance industry and, more recently, the automotive industry. The climate in Antioch boasts mostly warm, humid summers and cool to cold winters. There typically isn’t extreme weather, although severe summer thunderstorms and occasional strong winter storms do occur. Cheap living, opportunities for jobs and education, and an abundance of things to do in the area keep Antioch’s population young, with a median age of 31. Browse our listings to find the perfect home for you in this thriving, historical area of Tennessee.