74 Homes For Sale in Arlington, TN

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On the outer edge of Shelby County lies the rural town of Arlington, Tennessee. Once referred to as Shelby County’s "best-kept secret," the town has now been determined to be Tennessee’s second fastest growing city by the 2010 census. To accommodate the rapid expansion, new houses are being built around the city. These homes are customizable, making it possible to suit each one to the buyers’ personal needs.

Arlington’s close proximity to the airport, the Port of Memphis, and numerous highways makes it easily accessible to all forms of transportation. Considering its location and the population boom in the town, it is an ideal place to start a business. The town is very business-friendly and allows for economic development by encouraging companies to set up shop there. This attitude contributes to the economic vitality the town boasts. But Arlington isn’t only a prime location for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s also a perfect place for those looking to settle down into a quiet but involved community.

The citizens of Arlington take great pride in their community. They take part in various events throughout the year, such as the Christmas Parade, the Harvest Gathering, and Veteran’s and Memorial Day celebrations. Arlington is also well known for its excellent education opportunities. With outstanding academic and athletic credentials, the schools are what draw many parents to the town. The city also boasts eight parks, all of which offer one or more recreational services. These may include nature trails, a sports complex, athletic fields, bike paths, and playgrounds. With the flourishing business opportunities, and a populace that takes pride in its city, it’s no wonder the town is growing in population. The best-kept secret is out-Arlington is a beautiful, community-oriented town that has many wonderful attractions. Take some time to browse through the new houses here, and maybe you’ll find the new home you’ve been looking for.