119 Homes For Sale in Aspen, CO

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Aspen, Colorado, is as well known for its stunning scenery as it is its status as a global destination for adventurous residents and tourists alike. When it comes to the Aspen housing scene, the choices are immaculate: pristinely constructed hilltop mansions mixed with more economical high rising town homes. One thing’s for certain: when surrounded with the mountains of Colorado, you’ll want as many glass paneled windows as possible.

Whether you are spending a day skiing on the mountain, riding your bike along the Rio Grande Trail, or just enjoying the sights, Aspen is a special treat for its 7000 residents. With an upscale downtown shopping district and plenty of casual celebrity sightings to be had, the nightlife of Aspen is as exciting as the day. Plenty of historical buildings and unique spots dot the town, adding to its overall aesthetic appeal. Parents will be interested to learn that Aspen’s high school ranks as one of the top educational institutions in the country.

The full time residents of Aspen count themselves among the very fortunate, and certainly among the most weather hardy. Though Aspen is perhaps best recognized as a destination for year round outdoor sports and winter skiing, its residents and tourists alike also value the town’s arts, culture, and pervasive charm that is so unique to the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. The atmosphere of Aspen is wrapped up in the health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit together, a sentiment that is so much a part of the city that it is referred to as ‘The Aspen Idea’. Everything about the small town drives this motive of wellness, whether it is the fresh food and health focused population or the hearty, exercise minded spirit of the town’s most popular recreation spots and activities. The snowy and exciting Winter X Games take place in Aspen each year.