156 Homes For Sale in Aurora, IL

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Aurora, Illinois, has many valuable and inviting homes available for the discriminating homebuyer. Values range from just under $100,000 up to the higher-end and larger homes, depending on what you are in the market for. Single or multi-family residential homes can offer beautiful private residences with manicured lawns and gardens. Condos are also available for those who do not have a need for a large yard that has to be maintained.

Being the second most populous city in the State of Illinois, it is also the 114th largest city in the country. It is a suburb of Chicago, mostly in Kane County; however, some sections of it spread out into Will, Kendall and DuPage Counties. In 1908 Aurora was unofficially called the City of Lights. This was because it was one of the first cities in the United States to implement all-electric street lighting in 1881. Initially, a Native American village resided next to the Fox River. This area is now downtown Aurora. After the European settlers arrived, they formed two villages, one on each side of the river. They joined in 1857 to form the City of Aurora.

When jobs and factories came to town, the city grew and welcomed immigrants from Ireland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Italy, France and Germany. Socially, it has been very progressive in its attitude pertaining to welfare, women, religion, and education. Aurora has an annual precipitation of about 40 inches. Its highest ever recorded temperature was on July 14, 1936, of 111 degrees Fahrenheit . On January 16, 2009, their record low was -33 degrees Fahrenheit. The average is, however, only 83.5 degrees Fahrenheit in July and 12.6 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Periodically, they can receive blizzards or heavy snowfall. If you like a little gaming, the Hollywood Casino is a popular spot. They also have live performance theaters, as well as local schools and colleges. They boast of large community parks with race tracks, circus acts and baseball stadiums. A festival that sports a wide selection of food booths and live music is held during the summer on three weekends. They are in the process of redeveloping the downtown area by putting in new walking paths and parks to help make the area more inviting. To help those traveling into Chicago, they are on the Metra commuter rail system. For transportation, they have the Aurora Municipal Airport, as well as bus and streetcar systems. You may find it time well spent when you look for and find the perfect home in Aurora, Illinois.