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Old-School Style Kids Room

From the home decorating shows I’ve seen, there is one common decorating feature that I always love-and that is the chalkboard paint in a room. I’ve seen it done in many rooms such as entry ways or kitchens which serve as a fun “to-do” board or a great menu space for dinner parties.

But what I really love is seeing it done in a kid’s room. How practical is that? Kids just love going crazy on the walls so why not give them free reign with a chalkboard wall; it will really allow for your child to showcase his/her creativity.

Why stop there? How about incorporating the whole old-school look throughout your child’s room? In addition to the magnetic chalkboard paint on the walls, you could add a cute little desk and chair for he/she to do other arts and crafts projects on. Or maybe a reading area with bean bag chairs. And how fun would a child size school bus be for playing in (like the one photographed)?


This theme idea, as well as the magnetic chalkboard can really grow with your child throughout school. Magnets on the chalkboard can hang all sorts of photos and serve as a calendar of after school activities. A desk, albeit slightly larger, will be important as more homework is brought home to complete.

There you have it, an unique design idea for a kids bedroom. If you have photos of your child’s bedroom, school themed or otherwise, feel free to share them! We’d love to see more great ideas.

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