Greatest Cities for Young Adults

by Christine DemosSeptember 20, 2010

Recently graduated and looking to begin your career? Where do you start? Do you stay in your home town or move to an area with more opportunities? If you’re not exactly sure which option to choose, then look at the top greatest cities for young adults to weight in the facts:

Austin, TX

Austin has the fourth-lowest jobless rate among cities with populations of one million or more and the cost of living falls below the national average. Austin is home to eight colleges and universities, including the University of Texas. Additionally, Austin has a vibrant nightlife and eclectic, up-and-coming neighborhoods to rent in. There’s certainly more than enough here to keep a recent grad busy.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was chosen as the “Best Place to Live in America.” Understandably so, as Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and the second-largest banking center in the country, after New York. This city has a lot to offer for college graduates including lots of entry-level jobs in the financial sector. And the cost of living is well below the national average boasting reasonable rents for residences.

Chicago, IL


Chicago is home to eleven Fortune 500 companies, while the rest of the metropolitan area hosts an additional 21 Fortune 500 companies, according to That’s a lot of opportunity to find employment and home rentals in this jam packed city. Said to be an exceptional value for big-city living, Chicago has many attractions to offer its residences, including the lakefront district with beaches, parks, a zoo, sports activities, festivals and more!

New York, NY

There’s no place for recent graduates quite like the Big Apple; the job prospects are exceptional and the culture and nightlife are unparalleled. Although it’s tough to live here with the cost-of-living being the highest in the continental U.S, fortunately, there are still areas of the city where young professionals can live on a budget.

Portland, OR

On the west coast, the city of Portland is a great option for young adults. Portland offsets an above average cost of living with a below average rent, walk-able commutes and no sales tax. Additionally, Portland has become one of the most “green” cities in the United States and has a large number of microbreweries. The city is also known as the hub of American DIY, with events such as Crafty Wonderland, a two day art and craft extravaganza featuring art and handmade goods from over 180 amazing vendors!

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