Bathroom Remodel Taking Shape

by Christine DemosMarch 18, 2011

As I mentioned in our Top Remodeling Projects for 2011 article, bathroom renovations are a huge project for 2011 given their huge impact for improving a home’s value. With this in mind, I have taken the reigns and begun a bathroom remodel for my home.

Demolition is complete and we are now onto tile. As I’m writing this post I am giddy with excitement. Even with a few tiles down, the bathroom is already transforming into the ideal space. Take a look at these bathroom renovation pictures:

The travertine tile is such a neutral color that when it comes to resale, which won’t be for many years, any home buyer would be able to imagine him or herself in the space.  Already the room looks larger, which is fantastic. The total time for the tile is supposed to be three days. We’ve had a couple of snafus regarding the amount of tile ordered, which ended up adding to the budget (EEK!), but completing the space was a necessity. There was a total of three different trips and $175 extra to get the last bit of materials.

FYI, if you plan on doing a bathroom remodel note that doing a diagonal tile on the floor leaves A LOT of wasted tile and you will be spending more money! We had measured for 50 square feet, but with a diagonal layout needed one extra box to cover one corner. We have 9/10 of the box left over. Love the way it looks, but might have reconsidered for the extra $60 savings.
Next up, finish the mosaic tile for the border, insert the vanity, fixtures and PAINT! See the finished product in my next blog post!

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