Bring On the Spring Warmth & Decor

by Christine DemosApril 11, 2011

Spring is a great time of the year. You get to welcome in the warmer weather and reintroduce vibrant color schemes to your wardrobe and home design. So what are among the top spring designs to incorporate in your home’s motif?

Bold Colors are here to stay!

They’re in style for your body and for your home. Incorporate the bold colors like orange, yellow and pink through paint, linens, pottery or artwork. You can make a loud statement in small ways. If you’re uncomfortable with the loudness of the colors, you don’t have to make a large commitment just use sparingly on accessories.

Patterns are big this year!

Lace, floral and animal prints can be incorporated into your home’s décor subtly or in a strong way. They are a great way to add fun and imagination to any space.


Charming, rustic, and crafty could be the way someone describes your home.

With sites like booming all over, it’s apparent that homemade and crafty items are necessary for any home’s décor. Don’t have the knitting touch? Then use your skills in another manner or just buy items that speak to your personal style.


Think of your pajamas. What makes them so comfortable? Is it the softness of the fabric or the simplistic design pattern? Take a hint from your PJ’s and incorporate those types of fabrics through bedding, pillows or curtains. Just adds a little classic element to your home’s décor.

There you have it, a few spring décor ideas to help bring your home into the new season. With the warmer weather and the brighter colors, your spirits will pick right up!

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