Fashion for Your Yard

by Christine DemosApril 27, 2011

Just like the clothes you wear, your front yard can draw attention to the beauty on the inside. By applying the same principles of fashion to your yard, you can bring out the beauty in your home by giving it a beautiful exterior.


  • Plant flowers.

    Colorful flowers are an excellent way to make your yard feel more welcoming. Use bold, bright hues to create a big impact. *Green tip: Select plants and other landscape materials native to your region.

  • Add accessories.

    Your front or back yard will look welcoming with furniture to sit on. Try to find pieces that can serve multiple purposes such as entertainment and storage.

  • Be sure to wear protective gear.

    Gloves will save your hands a world of hurt.

  • Think beyond the fence.

    Mix small with medium-size plants in your yard to help create a sense of privacy.

  • Bring in some color.

    A collection of large pots filled with bright or fragrant flowers can enhance your landscape.

  • Don’t overdo it.

    While plants, flowers and other items will enhance your yard, using too many elements will be distracting and appear cluttered. Think about these ideas in relation to the size of your yard.

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